Tuesday, November 29, 2011

G'Bye, Herman

This pretty much sews up the tarp before the body gets tossed into the sea.

Block'll be back here looking for another $280K/year gig, soon.


Saint Revolution said...

Don't give a sh*t about "black-agenda" "steal the black vote from Obama" Cain but...

...Block(head)...now THERE'S money well-spent.

One mistake right after another...

The National Anthem re-written in gospel genre?


R.I.P. Cain Campaign.

Never had a chance anyways.


TerryN said...

I won't argue that it never had a chance.

I will argue that the accusers seem to show up in a serial parade after being silent for years, or even decades. I'm certain the rest will go away after Cain drops out. The media doesn't even question them. They revere them.

Anonymous said...

Cain was a distraction, A lousy excuse of a husband, and far from fit for president.... he was served up as entertainment, a distraction, nothing more....

We are being tooled by both parties.... The whole lot need to go.

Dear Lord please deliver us from these pack of idiot politicians