Thursday, November 24, 2011

Coulter's Schoolgirl Crush on Romney

While it's fine that Ms. Coulter has a crush on Romney, it's not fine for her to invent her own facts in support of him.

That's the gist of this editorial.  A few highlights:

...Coulter wrote messages to the effect she believed Romney acted properly, but once again, she is ignorant of the basic facts regarding this case. The court did NOT order Romney to initiate gay marriage, and indeed, the Massachusetts Constitution specifically reserves the right to determine marriage policy to the legislative branch. And the legislative branch refused to change the marriage statutes, which, to this day, remain focused on male/female marriage. Romney unilaterally, and without any legislative authority, ordered justices of the peace to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Over a dozen constitutional scholars have stated that Romney improperly implemented what was clearly an unconstitutional decision. 

...Coulter was sent a list of taxes Romney had raised; she responded by claiming, "not according to Cato …" referring to the libertarian Cato Institute. But Cato said that Romney's claim to have not raised taxes was "mostly a myth. His first budget included no general tax increases but did include a $500 million increase in various fees. He later proposed $140 in business tax hikes through the closing of 'loopholes' in the tax code."
The Cato Institute added, "If you consider the massive costs to taxpayers that his universal health-care plan will inflict once he's left office, Romney's tenure is clearly not a triumph of small-government activism."

Plenty more at the link. 

Love is blind.  Voters should not be.


Jim said...

Wasn't she backing Cain a few weeks ago? I'm surprised she would back anyone who isn't "pure" right wing.

Billiam said...

Really Jim? After her love affair with Christy? What makes you think she only backs conservatives?

Anonymous said...

Dad and Bill - you both will have a passing romance with Romney come next November.