Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Screwing the 99%, Obozo's Way

The flex-account is a marvelous invention.  It provides a tax-free method of paying medical bills.

So it's now going to be severely limited, beginning 2013--by edict of the Democrat Party, Ms. "I'm a Heretic" Pelosi and, of course, Clueless Harry and Obozo.

For anyone with a large family--or with a child with disabilities--or someone who has a chronic illness but still works--it's going to be a serious problem.

But hey!  They're part of the 99%, so it's all good, right?


neomom said...

Because we wouldn't want to actually let people have some control of their medical costs and decisions or do anything to help keep costs down now would we?

I hate the ObamaCare authors, promoters, and those that sold their souls or didn't read it but voted for it anyway with the heat of 1000 suns.

neomom said...

Full disclosure - I have an autistic child and our HSA has been fabulous.

Mr. Tastic said...

HSA is a life-saver. We max it out each year.

Jim said...

Just so you know, Mom, HSAs are not significantly affected by PPACA. The penalties for illegal use are higher and you have to get a prescription for over-the-counter drugs purchased with HSA funds.
There are no changes to contribution limits.

Dad29 said...

HSA's may be protected, but why not flex-spends?

Because they needed to strip tax dollars from the 99%, that's why.

Mr. Tastic said...

Er, FSAs are a life-saver.

I'm part of the 99%.

Jim said...

The $2,500 is more than double the national average for FSA contributions.

Of course we might not have to limit the FSAs there if we could maybe raise the marginal tax rate on the higher income folks.