Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Paulson the Leaker

Big BizNews story today is that Hank Paulson (ex-Goldmine) told a bunch of hedgies that the USG would put the GSE's into 'conservatorship.'

Not illegal, we're told (although acting on it would have been VERY illegal.)

You still don't believe that there's a Ruling Class

Paulson obviously does.

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Saint Revolution said...

Nothing at all that is news to "realists" (there are no "theories"...only TRUTH) on the "TRUTH fringe" whom have been following this "people's requiem" entering stage left for decades.

Codevilla's summaries are simplistic and "late in the game" "old hat" observations, albeit correct, but not "punching deep enough" into the true nefariousness. Codevilla is a 101 introduction.

Freemason history, the last 75 years of the CIA within Iran, Iraq, and the middle east, and a whole unholy host of other studied precursors can land anyone the proper conclusions.

The "ruling class", of course, like any criminal, ALWAYS makes its one penultimate mistake...it underestimates all but itself.