Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The "Sequester Cuts Spending" BS

You should have known that Congress was kidding about 'cutting spending.'

As usual, the Left will be screaming about dead grannies, and the Right will be screeching that there will be no D of Defense left.

Not really.

...the perceived spending “cuts” are merely reductions in the overall rate of growth in spending, not actual cuts addressing the fundamental drivers of U.S. debt problems.

...Between 2013 (the first year that sequester “cuts” kick in) and 2021, federal spending will increase by $1.6 trillion versus $1.7 trillion without sequester. A further breakdown of specific budget programs shows that sequestration provides relatively small reductions in spending rates across the board: Under sequestration, defense increases 18 percent (vs. 20 percent); nondefense discretionary increases 12 percent (vs. 14 percent); Medicare increases at roughly the same rate; net interest increases 136 percent (vs. 152 percent).

Congressional salaries, benefits, and perks will remain un-disturbed.

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Anonymous said...

House and Senate members are now the Cadillac-driving welfare queens they bleated about in years past. Drawing money from the gummint to sit around doing nothing. It's high time we implement a performance-based pay scale similar to what teachers operate under, and apply the savings to the interest on the national debt.