Monday, November 28, 2011

New Romney Campaign Slogan!!

Evidently the Romney gang in Wisconsin (Steve Kanavas) has been working over the radio boyzzz.

Heard this AM that 'Romney will be the President you want him to be'--which is what his campaigners are saying was the case when Romney governed Massachusetts--a Leftish State.

"I'll Be Whatever You Want"

Now that's an integrity-inspired slogan, eh?

Does that make him "electable"?   Not if you consider the "OWS" event.

So happens there's a Loyal Opposition to Romney.

...He will lose a lot of conservatives because we fear that he will energetically return to his past persona as a liberal New England governor if he is elected. As the GOP winning the Senate in 2012 is very close to a “gimme” we have to ask: can conservatism survive a President Romney and a Senate Majority Leader McConnell? 

He will lose a lot of GOP, as opposed to conservative, support because he is a supremely smarmy and untrustworthy character whose core value is defined by a strong belief that he should be president and nothing more.

...which would account for the "I'm eminently plastic" [both senses] tack he's taking.


...Obama can’t attack Romney as a flip-flopper because many of the flips and flops Romney has held dear at one time or another are actually Obama’s own positions. The Romney response to that line of attack in a national election is easy: I held that position then but have sense developed information that makes me believe it was incorrect and I have changed it and everyone want’s a pragmatic president who can change his mind, right?

The main attack will be on Romney’s long time affiliation with the corporate chop-shop known as Bain Capital. In an environment were most people are concerned about their jobs and virtually everyone is angry at Wall Street, Romney will be the perfect poster boy for the 1% that the “99%” rails on and on about.

The Left/Democrats inspired that "99%" yappaflappa for a reason, and the reason is Romney.  They'll tear him to shreds on that miasmatic-but-vaguely-populist concept.

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Anonymous said...

So....assuming Romney wins your party's nomination, they can count on your vote?