Friday, November 18, 2011

'Nuff Signatures for Recall?

Althouse thinks not.

...The eager enthusiasts would have signed on early, and there was tremendous publicity leading up to the kickoff of the signature campaign, with midnight parties and intense press coverage. So 50,000 in the first 2 days looks like weak support to me. And I'm assuming the organizers are telling the truth about the number of signatures collected, and I'm ignoring the potential for invalid signatures and the increasing difficulty of collecting signatures on the darkest, coldest days of the year and when people are preoccupied with holiday travel and celebration.


Yes, there is a "quiet period" of 10 days beginning 23 Dec and ending 2 Jan.  And yes, the enthusiasts have by and large already signed up.

But 500K more will not be impossible.  Challenging, maybe.  Not impossible.

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and hence this latest tidbit from GWP