Thursday, November 17, 2011

Coulter Joins Sykes and Belling on Un-Vetted Romney Push

Sykes and Belling have already conceded to *smush* Romney; Coulter joins them today.

Jacobson has an observation on Romney....

...none of this Bain history has been examined so far in the primaries. The media has taken to digging up rocks to find dirt on Rick Perry, shaking complainers out of the trees against Herman Cain, and trying to sully Newt with innuendos about his consulting business, but Romney remains unexamined.

It’s not that the media hasn’t done its job; it’s doing its job of electing Obama quite well by holding its fire on Romney until it is too late for Republicans.  Major Republican and conservative journals that support Romney are equally complicit, as it is in their candidate’s interest to portray everyone but Romney as unelectable.

It's also noted that Romney does not do long-form appearances (Meet the Press, etc.), nor will he subject himself to Q&A sessions on talk-shows. 

We do know that Romney is a Statist (perhaps a Statist-lite, but...) and has had a minimum of two positions on every significant issue.  No wonder he prefers to be a 'stealth' candidate.  So many questions, so many answers....which one shall I use today?

Now that Perry has decided to reclaim his red blood cells, the race is re-started.  Coulter's wrong.

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jimspice said...

Wow! Coulter -- a RINO?! Who would have guessed?