Thursday, November 24, 2011

More of the Same: Propaganda in JS Headlines

The story's headline:

Walker Signs Bills He Says Will Help Protect Children.

"He says"?

Does the JS "think" otherwise?


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

They are hard-pressed to believe Walker wants anything for children but their untimely death. Preferably by either starvation or lack of "access to healthcare" (and especially if they die at the door to the hospital after being thrown out by the evil insurance companies and the Koch Brothers).

Jim said...

In the article, Walker is quoted as saying, "This bill marks another important step in protecting children".

In other words, the headline is accurate and appropriate.

Dad29 said...

Wrong-o, Jimbo.

The appropriate headline would be: WALKER SIGNS CHILD-PROTECTION BILLS

Dad29 said...

B/C "He Says" is recognized j-school putdown and dissent lingo.

You ought to read more often.

Jim said...

I read all the time, Dadio.

"He Says" is recognized j-school putdown and dissent lingo.

And I'd be happy to read any citation you could provide to demonstrate that.

Anonymous said...

The JS said they endorsed Walker for governor.