Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Death Threat to Another (R) Governor

Not heavily covered by the LameStream....

When 26-year-old Nathan Shafer heard about the arrests of 19 Occupy Columbia members outside the State House last Wednesday, he did what lots of people do when they get angry — he vented about it on the Internet. He saw Gov. Haley’s Facebook post about the arrests and Haley’s comment that she “appreciate[s] freedom of speech,” and that’s when authorities say Shafer crossed the line. 

“I hope someone murders you before I do,” Shafer said he commented on the post. “How’s that for freedom of speech?”  --AOS/Verum quoting KLTV

In this case, the perp was arrested and will be prosecuted.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

A 26-y/o rebel without a clue.

Dan said...

And if that happened in Madison, the thug would be given a medal by the DA