Friday, November 18, 2011

The Romney Machine

Interesting little story here about how the Romney Machine really works.

See, during the 2008 campaign I worked for Sam Brownback. During the course of the campaign I became friendly with someone who worked in the Romney campaign’s communications department. After Brownback pulled a Pawlenty and bowed out after Ames, I reluctantly became a Romney supporter (viewing him as a far better choice than McCain). When I announced my support for Romney on the front page, I started receiving a steady deluge of emails from this friend pitching stories that were… well, pretty much exactly like the Newt Gingrich attack piece Jen Rubin wrote today.  --AOS/Brewer quoting Wolf


After I read the Drudge headline yesterday about Gingrich going ahead in Iowa, I posed a bet to Ace and the co-, open-, and guest-bloggers. I bet them $5.00 Rubin would have a Newt bashing piece up by 10:00 a.m. the next day (today). Ace wrote back about a minute later, "RD, she has a piece up now calling him a 'Phony Intellectual.'" Zoinks. So I replied that it was too obvious and posed a second bet: "Okay, $5.00 says she'll have another Newt bashing piece by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow." No takers. 

Well, if someone had gotten-in on that action, they would have been $5.00 richer. Because Gingrich: How Can He Rehabilitate Himself? came out at 10:15. I missed it by 15 minutes.

Obviously, Coulter--who is supposed to be smart--ain't smart enough to detect the pattern.

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