Monday, November 21, 2011

"Occupy" Phase Two!

Oh, goodie.

The website encourages occupation or simple boycotting of retailers. The group cites a connection between fourth quarter profits for retailers, credit card usage and the stock market as being the source for the protests on the Friday after Thanksgiving. … 

In addition to encouraging site visitors to not spend money on Friday, the website encourages occupation, and “Occupy” protesters typically have featured sit-ins, on-site camping, slogan cheering and sign-waving as their modes of protest.  --AOSHQ quoting Commentary

They would be foolish--maybe suicidal--to get between shoppers and the stores on that day.  Prolly a good thing, overall.

That AOSHQ post, by the way, has pretty good intel on the old-fart Canadian Commie organizer of "Occupy."

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Amy said...

So they're all about the workers, but seem to be willing to stop at nothing to make it impossible for those workers to do their jobs. Got it.