Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wisconsin Tax Revs Up

It's only 1/3 of a year, but things seem to be decent in the revenue-collection area for the State

Individual income tax up 4.1% over last year;
Corporate income tax up 1.5% over last year;
Sales/Use tax up 3.8% over last year; and
"Other" up 139% over last year.

Not bad.


jimspice said...
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jimspice said...

Check out the October collections (after Walker policies are put in place) part of the chart:

Source/Change from last year

Dad29 said...

You HAVE heard of "quarterly filings," Jim?

jimspice said...

Yes, I realize these are based on the fiscal year, but that's neither here nor there.

Dad29 said...

Remember that Harley is no longer paying the Doylie Tax, and that LLP's are replacing corporations.

Also--and this could be significant--any incorporated builder (home or commercial) is not paying much in taxes these days.