Saturday, September 19, 2009

Washington State Wackos, Part Two

Earlier, we observed that Washington State is apparently working on a de-population program and has hired an ex-State of Wisconsin employee to assist them.

Maybe Washington State also hires ex-WI Department of Corrections people, too!

Somebody at Eastern State Hospital in the moonbat-infested state of Washington thought it would be a great idea to let insane murderer Philip Arnold Paul take a field trip to a county fair despite what authorities call a "violent criminal past and history of trying to escape."

Apparently, letting "murderers, rapists and pedophiles committed to the hospital as criminally insane" out on field trips is a standard policy, despite protests from the Washington State Employees union.

Paul murdered an old lady in 1987, soaked her body in gasoline, and buried her in a flower garden. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced to treatment in a state hospital. Paul had attempted to escape on a previous field trip, but failed. This time he succeeded.

At the time of his escape, he was on a trip to the fair with 30 other inmates and 11 staff members. Even though employees alerted supervisors within minutes of his disappearance, administrators at the hospital waited for two hours before alerting authorities.

No mention of whether his DNA is on file. Or whose DNA it might actually be.

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