Monday, September 21, 2009

Scott Walker Should Read This

Interesting memoir of a fellow who was a State of Alaska labor relations guy.

Some of the essay is pertinent to Walker's next several months.

...AFSCME’s tactics weren’t really about “getting” anything; they were about disruption and about discrediting the authority of the employer. Their tactic of choice was to “mau-mau” supervisors and managers, a version of the Alinsky fix, personalize, and humiliate doctrine.

That 'fix/personalize/humiliate' doctrine has already been employed by Capper who is (surprise, surprise) a member of AFSCME.

Speaking of Capper:

The Alinsky scheme assumes that your activists are ignorant, childish, lazy, and lack-self control.

And after Walker wins? There's a lot of work to be done in the Administration, which will be loaded with Doylites and leftover (R) ne'er-do-wells, incompetents, boobs, and working-for-pension-rights types.

In typical Democrat fashion, they’d either fired, run off, or isolated every experienced hand in the government and replaced them with either a hack or with some kid who shouldn’t even have been interviewed for the job. They’d rescinded all the rules in the guise of re-engineering and “examining our processes.”

How to do it? Simple:

After Murkowski won and I became director, I was determined that peace was going to continue to reign. I had my list of miscreants and we quite openly went on what we styled the “Empty Chairs Program.” It does amazing things for employee morale when a couple of suits from HQ show up at a workplace and somebody just disappears into the night and fog. It didn’t take many. We told our supervisors that they were now free to supervise and we would back them.

It's called 'selective executions.'

As for the rest of us, oh yes, there's a bit of work to to in the Legislature (or Congress...)

...more needs to be done at the “We the People” level. The real useful idiots in this are the Congressmen [Legislators], especially all the Rahmbo recruits who pretended to be Republicans to get elected. We need to mau-mau them. They need to be fixed, personalized, and destroyed. Comrade Obama [Doyle] has lots of appratchniks out there to choose from and even if they get fired, they just go into the Democrat shadow government and never miss a paycheck. The useful idiots in Congress have something to lose. If they are forced to resign or lose in ‘10, they for the most part have to go back to lawyering or sell something in Podunk, the ultimate humiliation for someone who thought they’d become a part of the DC [or Madison] establishment.

It's been done--the loser from West Bend (and Tommy Thompson, too) have been more or less put into the Shamed Circle.

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