Wednesday, September 30, 2009

REAL Reporters in Kentucky

Stacy McCain decided to go to Manchester, Ky., to see what he could see.

First report from the scene details the gross MSM misrepresentation of remarks made by a local lady on the hanging death of the census worker.

...Miss Brown said that her words were misquoted and her sentiments misconstrued. She said what she was actually trying to tell the reporter -- who had asked her what she thought about the Sparkman killing -- was something entirely different.

Miss Brown said she told the reporter that all she knew about the apparent homicide of the 51-year-old Censu in the vicinity of Big Creek, about 12 miles east of Manchester, was what she learned from media accounts. Therefore, she was hesitant to pass judgment on the case. Miss Brown says she didn't mention government, and instead was saying that the news media should not "stick their noses in people's business."

However, her words -- which she insists were misquoted and misinterpreted -- were subsequently cited on an Internet discussion board under the headline, "Ignorant red state morons defend lynching of census worker."

Insofar as McCain is a reporter 'sticking his nose into other peoples' business,' I am sure that he will ignore Ms. Brown's advice.

But at least he paid close attention to what she actually SAID.

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Billiam said...

What she said didn't fit the template of how the Fringe Media wanted to promote the crime. Kind of like how it was the Tea party protesterswho are derided, and not the thuggish and destructive G20 protesters. It didn't fit their world view, nor the propaganda their masters want put forth.