Saturday, September 19, 2009

Notes From the Milwaukee TEA Party

Only a few notes, random.

I got there early so I could park on Lincoln Memorial Drive. Probably 300 people there at 2:00 or so. The show started a bit before 3:00 when a group of people read the Bill of Rights. That was a good idea. By that time the crowd was up to 1500 or so. By 4:00 it was at least 4-5,000.

The speakers started; Scott Walker was firing on all cylinders, probably his stump speech. He learned something from all those years of listening to preaching--how to time the delivery and how to use arsis and thesis in a speech.

"Joe the Plumber" did a decent job, better than I expected. He's kind of a sobering guy, though, telling the crowd that it is OUR fault for what we have. He nailed it: "Politicians are like snakes. They do what they do. YOU voted for them, and they do what they do."

James T Harris brought the bad news that Cosby endorsed JimmuhCahtuh's asinine and hateful remarks. Too bad. I thought Cosby had his head screwed on straight. Harris is a lot more fun doing speechification than he is on the radio.

(We compared notes on the DoC/AG/DNA problem, and both of us have anecdotal evidence that in Madison, this is simply a non-issue. Nobody in Madison knows about it, and nobody in Madison really gives a rotten fig. THAT'LL tell you something.)

Vicki McKenna has fixed her speaking style; she's gone away from the grating screeching I saw in April and has a more subdued delivery and a much more effective text. Happy to see that.

Malkin was very good, as one should expect. She's every bit as sharp in speaking as she is with the keyboard, although she's not used to open-air/strong breeze speaking. Played hell with her notes. She reminded us that John McCain liked to fund ACORN. Another reason he's a loser. Malkin, like Joe the Plumber, knows that the TEA Parties are not just about Obama. They're about the culture of corruption which is decidedly bi-partisan.

Marc Morano of came out with the good news: Cap-n-Tax is dead, dead, dead. The Senate won't touch it.

Pastor King went all revival on us. Friendly reminder, Pastor: Christians have the truth, but the Catholics have the FULLNESS of truth. ('S ok. I liked what you said, anyway.)

Saw an Assembly guy there. Had a very nice chat. He's concerned about the move to strip the Governor of the power to appoint the DNR head. I'm concerned that the long-term plot for McMiller is to close it up. Really kind of the same topic: DNR acts like the 8,000 lb. gorilla even when the head of DNR is accountable (sorta) to the electorate. Giving it free rein? Not wise.

Channel 58 set up its newstruck on the site, but I did not see any other similar setups.

No chipmunks were harmed during the entire event!


Paul - Berry Laker said...

Thanks for the info. Been waiting to hear about the day.

Anonymous said...

So, we go from the "70,000 Moron March" in Washington to the "4,500 Moron March" in Milwaukee?

Amy said...

Yep. Morons all who are going to send the idiot Dems in DC to the unemployment line come 2010 and 2012. So keep mocking.

Anonymous said...

ANON: There were actually only 45 here and about 1,200 in DC.

You just keep repeating this to yourself: "There is nothing to see here - nobody cares."

Move along people.

Anonymous said...

Vicki McKenna definitely sounds more rational when she has been taking her Lithium for a few days.

Anonymous said...

You're feeling threatened. :) Your comments are comical and rather cute.
We were 10,000 strong and our voices aren't going away, buddy. It's only the beginning. Let freedom ring and socialism DIE!

krshorewood said...

How is what ever being proposed can be called socialism?

Since this gets thrown around so much you'd better be an expert as to what the term means.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

So, KR, are you going to try and give me some explanation on how these reforms being introduced AREN'T socialism?

Anonymous said...

Spreading the wealth around, a direct quote from our president while campaigning, is the basis of socialism.

Anonymous said...

10,000? It's only been one day and already the fish has doubled in length!

krshorewood said...

You make the accusation, so it is up to you to prove how what is being proposed is socialism. This is not along the lines of water is wet.

So how is what Obama proposing spreading the wealth around?

Anonymous said...

By taxing business and the wealthy - and Obamacare IS a tax, as is cap-n-trade - he is taking wealth from the producers (which will include the middle class) to redistribute into programs that will exclusively benefit the poor (many of whom are non-producers encouraged by the Democratic party to remain non-producers).

That's socialism.

krshorewood said...

Hardly. Socialism is government ownership of the means of production.

From what we saw from these kinds of opinions at the tea parties, it would be nice if people knew what they were talking about.

Free speech is one thing. Uninformed is another.

Dad29 said...

So, KR, you mean like ownership of Banks, Manufacturers, and Insurance companies?

Personally, I'm not calling 'socialist'--yet.

But Statism is easy to see in the Obama execution of office. Not all that hard to see Corporatist Fascism (the Mussolini model), either.

krshorewood said...

There is no way that what Obama is doing is any ways comparable. In fact I hate to even make that assertion because your assertion is so damned stupid (not you dad, just the assertion) in neither spirit or practice.

No, not stupid. Perhaps a better word would be buffoonish. We've never made the accusation, but now that you made the accusation against Obama if anyone has been exhibiting fascists tendencies as laid out by professional political scientists, the right wing in this country leans fascist.

Let say for argument that Obama as controlling the banks. In fact with the asinine executive bonuses and raises, he's not controlling them enough.

So what is it Dad? Is Obama a socialist or a fascist? People who know political science know that you can be one but not the other.

Dad29 said...

if anyone has been exhibiting fascists tendencies as laid out by professional political scientists, the right wing in this country leans fascist

Fascism happens to be a manifestation most often of Lefty tendencies.

you can be one but not the other.

False dichotomy. Hitler was both.

Anonymous said...

+Is Obama a socialist or a fascist? People who know political science know that you can be one but not the other._

Are you for real?

Yes they most certainly are!

A statist is a statist!

Fascists are socialists with guns!

Arrogant and stupid!

krshorewood said...

The comedy never stops.

You are the side with the guns. Case close.

Thanks "oh thou without the guts to identify himself" for making my job easier.

J. Strupp said...

Stop while you're behind Anon.

Anonymous said...

Dad29--Christians have the truth, but the Catholics have the FULLNESS of truth.

What is the meaning here? IF it is that one religious group has MORE "truth" than another group...then, wow. The Bible warns against self-deception.