Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barrett's Asymmetric Warfare on Guns

I don't know if Tom Barrett is really smart and devious, or if he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Barrett, of course, is a doctrinaire Lefty on the "gun question." As far as Mayor Tom is concerned, the right to bear arms ends with his personal bodyguards and other State LEO's--whether Federal, Doylie, or local. That's the objective of Bloomberg of New York City, and Tommy belongs to Bloomie's Bunch.

Long story short, Barrett was given a gift for his anti-gun crusade: Badger Guns.

Badger happens to sell a lot of handguns which wind up in the hands of criminals, usually in a very short period of time. Some of those guns have been used to kill Milwaukee police officers.

The Badger ownership (unlike the previous ownership) has been lackadaisical about its customers' predilections; the cop shop asserts that convicted felons have been taking target practice at the Badger facility, which happens to be a Federal offense.

The cop shop is also unhappy about the "straw buyer" problem. Badger management can't really do much about that, and even claims that they would be subject to lawsuits for denial-of-service to people they think are straw-buyers. Well, maybe.

I'm not going to stridently defend Badger's management. The 2A community members who think a bit are legitimately concerned that the practices and procedures at that shop will redound to the detriment of legitimate retailers AND gun-owners. Kinda like abortions and 'puppy mills;' there are things which are legal, but still not right.

But Belling mentioned something that Mayor Tommy, John Chisholm, and Ed Flynn have not brought up. (See above.)

It IS a Federal criminal offense for a convicted felon to possess ONE BULLET, not to mention a gun, including for "target practice" or even to hold it to admire the shiny-chrome finish.

So Tommy, Eddie, Johnny: where are the referrals to the US Attorney? How come is it that the DA doesn't prosecute (or seemingly even refer) criminal-in-possession cases?

There may be State statutes which mirror the Federal statutes. What have Tommy, Eddie, and Johnny done about them?


Meantime, Tom has found a way to play the press and the people of the area with his asymmetric warfare on gun owners--with the proxy being Badger Guns. Maybe he IS that smart and devious. It's the "devious" part that worries me.

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