Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TEA Parties and Gallup

It's tiresome, repeating that the TEA Parties are not "just about Obama." Perhaps Obama would like to think so--it feeds his narcissism--but he's wrong. It's too much spending, too much regulation, too much......too much.


Americans are more likely today than in the recent past to believe that government is taking on too much responsibility for solving the nation's problems and is over-regulating business. New Gallup data show that 57% of Americans say the government is trying to do too many things that should be left to businesses and individuals, and 45% say there is too much government regulation of business. Both reflect the highest such readings in more than a decade.

The whole (linked here) item is worth reading--apparently Reagan benefitted from a similar sentiment back in 1980.

THAT should ignite hair-fires on the Left, no?

HT: Grim


Billiam said...

Why would it ignite their hair? The truth doesn't matter. To them, any resistance to Obama is heresy. Thus, they'll stick to their "racist teabaggers" mantra. Apparently, for many of them, supporting Obama means susp;ending not only thought, but dignity.

Shoebox said...

Just like their view of Socialism i.e. it will work this time because we're so much smarter than those in the past, they won't listen to this because they are so much smarter than those in the past!