Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wallpapering the Doyle Incompetency: DNA

'The Doyle Incompetency' will eventually become the title of a book which will examine a craven, self-interested politician whose flagrant abuse of office was all perfectly legal. It will have a medical flavor: while the politician operated, the State died. Curiously, there will be no malpractice lawsuits. Nor will this ever become a textbook used in union-taught schools.

We now have the "we'll wallpaper over the gaping holes" chapter.

The state Department of Corrections will deploy a team of retired law enforcement officers to locate and obtain DNA samples from convicted felons who were supposed to have submitted them to a state databank, Gov. Jim Doyle said Friday.

Doesn't mention the cost, does it?

"There are a substantial number that we don't have a match for, and that's very troubling," Doyle said, adding that the Department of Corrections has had trouble determining where the holes are because only the Department of Justice has access to the two databases needed to show the discrepancies.

Umnnnhhh, yah. And who was the AG when the law was passed requiring these DBs?


Of course, he was running for Governor and couldn't be bothered with little details like establishing a system which actually 'footed' to the DoC system.

We can add that another Incompetent, Peg Lautenschlager, became AG when Doyle became Governor. She didn't bother to worry about cross-matching, either.

Nor did Doyle's first D0C Secretary. He only had 10,000 or so FTEs on his staff, after all, and an $800 million budget.

An obvious case of "lack of resources."

The task force will look for about 4,000 felons, Doyle said.

Good luck. Ask them pretty-please to stop by and (potentially) self-incriminate. Or maybe since they're all "rehabilitated" they'll stop by on their way to lunch, right?

Many of those without samples on file were convicted around the time the law requiring the DNA samples took effect and simply were missed in the rush to gather DNA. Others likely never spent time in custody.

In other words, the tail is pinned on The Incompetency. Doyle's DoC 'missed' 4,000 (or more) criminals. And what was "the rush"? Were those convicts going somewhere? Dinner at the Capitol Grill? A vacation in Aruba?

When you look at the 'safeguards' suddenly 'established' by Raemisch, it's enough to make you puke.

The Department of Corrections also has started delivering samples in person to the State Crime Laboratory, and the department now requires confirmation from the crime lab when samples are added to the databank.

That's called "chain of possession" and "audit trail," respectively.

Something that The Incompetency never worried about. Too busy raping a State economy, stealing shuffling highway funds and MD trust funds, or writing State checks to Spanish manufacturers for choo-choo trains, or, ah, not bothering to collect revenues from certain betting establishments.

And leaving the State budget $6BILLION in the red to retire. Did I mention the State's debt yet?

All that was far more important than actually managing the State's most important function: protecting its law-abiding residents from criminals.

By the way, Raemisch: who's going to be FIRED for screwing this up?

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