Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THE Sensible Take on Glenn Beck

The priest who writes this blog is a "late vocation," meaning that he worked for a number of years before entering the priesthood.

I hold Mr. Beck no personal animus, but--I'm cautioning you, he's going to be a major embarrassment, sooner or later.

That's the conclusion. His reasoning is sterling.

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Shoebox said...

Ah, OK but I don't remember Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Walt Disney or any other people we now hold as "great" having gone through life without some failures. If you want to point to Beck's failure, he's been calling for a catastrophic economic event for darn near as long as he's been national...he hasn't been right...yet. I think the way to take Beck is like so many others in the media; you should listen to him and do some follow up review of his information and research on your own. In the end, you need to draw your own conclusions. Beck is in a sweet spot right now because rather than just complaining he is actually doing some research and kicking bugs to the surface.