Sunday, September 20, 2009

Say WHAT, Renee?

See if you can figure this ....

"When someone says bigot, say thank you when someone says nazi laugh,"

That's a good transcript of one of Vicki McKenna's lines.

Here's the part that confuses me:

Just because you have the right to say something, should you say it? That's a moral question that each individual in a free society should make. My questions in the previous blog go to that point.

Vicki McKenna's comments today were horrifying. She called for a "revolution", called the crowd the "people's mob" and said "When someone says bigot, say thank you when someone says nazi laugh,"

The author is a certified Lefty. Fine. She doesn't have to like what she heard.

But it is impossible to believe that McKenna's 'calling for a revolution,' and referring to the assembly as 'the people's mob' and the other quote (above) as "inciting violence," or anything even close to it, at least within context.

I happened to hear McKenna's speech--at the time, I was within 40 yards of the stage and the sound quality was very good. I heard ALL of it. McKenna's call "for revolution" was perfectly within typical rhetorical bounds for an event like yesterday's, and the 'mob' remark was a disparaging reference to comments made by various elected and MSM Lefties over the last several weeks.

More important, the italicized remarks above are actually a recognizable form (albiet a bit snarky) of the counsel to "Turn the other cheek," first made prominent by another Individual who was regarded as a mob-inciting revolutionary about 2,000 years ago. I don't know if McKenna was deliberately recalling that counsel, but our Lefty seems to be unfamiliar with it.


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M.E. said...

I was there yesterday, too, and what I understood Vicki to mean was that whenever they call us names, it shows we're winning. They have no argument, so they resort to calling us racists.

Also, when they call us racists and bigots, they only antagonize the great majority of Americans who dislike that kind of name-calling, and who know it's patently false. (For additional proof of that, note the diversity in race and ethnicity of the speakers yesterday.)

So, that's why we should be happy when they call us names: it shows we're winning, and it will drive more people away from their side.

As Joe the Plumber said, we have to educate ourselves and our children about freedoms and our Constitution, and we have to take responsibility for who we elect and for holding them accountable.

That is the revolution Vicki is talking about.

Phelony Jones said...

I second M.E.

Good post. The left has been "reading into" things so long that their ability to accurately (and cognitively) interpret, is, I fear, permanently warped.

Call Me Mom said...

AS I noted on both of Ms. Crawford's posts about the Milwaukee TEA Party, she went into them expecting to see angry mobs, so that's what she saw.
I think we don't need to only educate our children about our Constitution and elections, but to teach them discernment. To give them the tools to evaluate information objectively rather than subjectively.
Nice response to Ms. Crawford by the way.