Thursday, September 24, 2009

It Did Not End With the NEA Solicitation

While the NEA was seeking Riefenstahl, there was plenty of other action emanating from the White House on ObamaCare. Courtesy VerumSerum, a tip-of-the-iceberg view:

It now appears that the activity with the NEA is really just the tip of the iceberg of a large-scale, orchestrated effort by the Office of Public Engagement to organize and initiate political activity in support of ObamaCare by various progressive-leaning interest groups, including many federally funded, non-profit organizations.

Legal questions, anyone?

Exhibit 1 is a document prepared and distributed by the White House entitled: “Health Reform Action Guide – Summer 2009″. It so happens that the White House has created various versions of this document, slightly customized for the interest groups for which it was targeted. Here are the versions I have found so far:

African Americans for Health Insurance Reform
Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders for Health Insurance Reform
Doctors for Health Insurance Reform
Nurses for Health Insurance Reform
People With Disabilities for Health Insurance Reform
Young Adults for Health Insurance Reform

... employees of the federal government have been utilizing government resources – salaries, facilities, equipment, etc. – in order to facilitate activity on behalf of a partisan legislative agenda. Even more troubling is the fact that many of the organizations targeted by the White House appear to be 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, which are significantly restricted from engaging in political lobbying activity. And even more worrisome, is that some of these organizations receive a substantial amount of their funding from the federal government.

Well, yes. There ARE legal questions.

I'm not looking for Eric Holder to get engaged here, though.

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Anonymous said...

Remarkably similar to WI stunts that landed one Mr. Cvala, and one Mr. Jensen and a few others in jail here in WI. Less than a year in, could it be that Obama is vying to be known not only as the most dishonest president, but also the most corrupt?

Let me repeat a prediction I made on inauguration day: Obama will be lucky to have the approval ratings of GB II on his way out the door. At the rate he is going, he is likely to accomplish that feat before his first year in office is up.

Ken Van Doren