Sunday, September 27, 2009

How To Miss the Point, Big-Time

Folkie, whose posts on education are worth reading--he does have experience there--is less perceptive on the "go to jail" aspect of ObamaCare.

Of course, he's deliberately obtuse; he enjoys calling "liar," or intimating that conservatives are utterly stupid.

Maybe that's how he and his propaganda-masters intend to win the debate.

Here, he polishes his Obtusity Medal, looking for an Ignoramus-Leaf cluster.

Ensign demanded to know what would happen to people who don't pay their penalty. It seems obvious to me--if you don't pay your taxes, there's a law for that already, right? Apparently Ensign is too lazy or too stupid to look up what that penalty is.


Seems to me that Obama promised there would be "no tax increases" for anyone earning $250K or less. Remember that? It's available on the Intertubular Memory gizzzitoogle. Right there where he will close Gitmo, pull out of Iraq, and make the seas recede.

Also seems to me that IRS is a tax-collector. (Maybe Jay knows different.)

And what the Baucus Bill states is that non-payers of the ObamaCare "fine" will be prosecuted as TAX evaders.

So what we have here is a TAX, Jay.

All of us know that ObamaCare will cost a lot of money. Baucus' offering simply masks the cost, calling it a "fine" rather than a tax. Semantics are cute, but the reality is the IRS and a Federal graybar motel.

Just like Jay's insistence that the "public option" is not single-payer. Well, it's not; on the other hand, point your car due north and drive very slowly. Even though at the end of Day One you'll be in Cedarburg, not at the North Pole, if you keep driving, no matter how slowly, eventually you'll get to the North Pole. Jay simply denies the obvious by dressing it up in funny clothing.

Comes as no surprise that a hefty majority of the country is opposed to ObamaCare. They, unlike Lefty sockpuppet bloggers, can tell s&^% from shinola.

Revision/Extension: More on the topic here, from Jacobson the law-prof. It is a "first."

These provisions should have people interested in privacy greatly concerned. While income information already is reported to the IRS, the IRS traditionally has not received personal health care information about individuals.

But it's NOT a tax, folks!

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