Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Obama Voting "Present" on ObamaCare

Well, well. Just after he makes it clear that he's voting "Present" on Afghanistan, we have this:

...The issue of federal funding for abortion is a prime example. Depending upon whom you talk to in Congress, the president’s pledge means very different things. In his remarks to the joint session of Congress on September 9, he seemed to give the impression that his own bill would be forthcoming, or at least outlined in more detail, and yet nothing has been presented to Congress or the American people.

The skeptic—and I am now reluctantly one—believes this is a strategy of delay. As long as people keep defining the debate according to their own interests, then the president can avoid taking sides, surf the confusion, and in the end just throw his hands up and say he must go along with whatever Congress produces, which will very likely be bad. This is not leadership. It is also not honest.

Well, he's busy stealing the Olympics from Brazil this week.

You gotta understand.........right?

Quoted in First Things

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