Sunday, September 20, 2009

Is Mike Tate Telegraphing Something?

Mike Tate, the DemocratPartyWI mouth, has the following to say about yesterday's TEA Party attendees:

“These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country,” Tate said. “They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work.”

Well, now. That's a very interesting statement, if we are to take it seriously.

Rather than quibble with him over each element of that last sentence, let's look at the fact that he ran 'government...economy...capitalism' together. It's a strange construction, unless..........

Corporatist Fascism, anyone?

HT: Silent E

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I saw that in the paper today. I couldn't get through the sentence without laughing, hard.

Did you happen to see the Tea party gallery on JSOnline? The last picture in the gallery is pretty funny too. The ten or so "protesters" to the tea party. The cameraman did his best to make them look like a larger group by zooming in. Pretty funny stuff too.