Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Mania of ChooChoos

Patrick demonstrates that Rowen (a ChooChooMania-guy) is incapable of post hoc, propter hoc reasoning.

“Milwaukee remains one of America's poorest cities, and also among its largest cities without urban rail.

“Talk about cause-and-effect." ---Rowen

Rowen carefully ignores history, too. Milwaukee had, for many years, a "light-rail" system which was called streetcars. It also had an electric interurban system, the remains of which are called the Hank Aaron Trail (and other things, like "a big scar on the landscape," or "bike trail.")

It was, ummmmnnnnnnhhhhhhh, unprofitable. That's why it is now a bike trail.

As for Mr. Rowen--perhaps there's a cure for his mania. There are a number of competent shrinks in Milwaukee, all accessible by car.


Headless Blogger said...

The other remenants of the Interurban are now named I-43 and I-94. Say what you will about our electric company, but they were once excellent freeway route planners.

Anonymous said...

The roads do not pay for themselves either