Saturday, September 26, 2009

TEA Parties Are NOT Just About Taxes

Yah--the TEA Parties are just a bunch of racist/sexist/homophobe/conspiracy nuts, right?


Picture this: you're a government bureaucrat who just came into nearly $10 million in federal funds, with few strings attached. Your mission: help veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan transition back to civilian life.

Your first order of business? Give half your full-time employees six-figure salaries, bankroll extensive travel for the top brass, pay an out-of-state consultant hundreds of thousands for "critical thinking" (including typing up and distributing your newsletter), and subsidize expenses for your deputy director to travel between her residence in northern Virginia and her office in central North Carolina.

Also, ensure scant oversight of your employees and virtually no accountability from those higher up the food chain for how you spend your funds. Oh, and produce few deliverables to justify your pricey taxpayer outlay

$7.5 million spent, and lots of really, really nice papers about 'what we should do.'

Actual "done" results? Not so much.


Paul - Berry Laker said...

Will this ever end? The battle continues.

Anonymous said...

You guys would be shocked by the political corruption in NC. They have had 1-party rule here for all but like 8 years since the civil war. The Dem group down her makes the WI crew look tame.