Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ten for '10 (And Beyond)

Laura Ingraham did a bit of thinking and has the platform.

1) A taxpayer bill of rights
2) End taxpayer funded abortions
3) Secure and defend the border
4) Support a strong dollar
5) Empower American businesses
6) Defend America
7) End Statism
8) End generational theft
9) Restore justice
10) Make America energy independent

Works for me! To sign up, go here.

HT RedState


Anonymous said...

sounds good except #4 needs some retooling (and I'm a small business owner). Does she mean ALL business, and wasn't big business (at least on Wall Street) defacto empowered by the utter deregulation of the Bush Admin in general and Christopher Cox in particular.

Always a problem when folks start whining about 'business'. From my perspective, small business that generates significant jobs and ingenuity still doesn't have a voice in Washington. And an anti-small business WI.Legislature(and I include the Repubs in that)

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Only missing judiciary (and tort) reform.