Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Want to Go to Medjugorje?

The Bishop of Mostar issued a few directives which.....well, read between the lines, folks.


- NO more retreats, spiritual exercises, conferences, foreign priests… without permission of the bishop

- NO [Diocese of Med'je] or foreign priests may propagate NON-recognized ‘messages’ or ‘apparitions’

- EVERY priest must show his ‘celebret’ before H.Mass

- NO more H.Sacrament or adoration in ‘Oasis of Peace’...

- NO services in the private church in Bijakovice; it is now closed.

- NO mentioning of ‘seers’, apparitions, messages’ in parish bulletin;

- NO mentioning of the word ‘sanctuary’ in Medjugorje

- NO mentioning or comment of ‘messages’ or ‘apparitions’ on the 25th of the month via Marija Pavlovic

- NO private ‘apparitions’ of Mirjana Dragicevic in ‘Cenacolo’ of Sr. Elvira

- NO permission for ‘Kraljica Mira’ (founder : Tomislav Vlasic) in Medjugorje or in whole diocese

- NO ‘seers’ or others in the church to pray prayers from the ‘apparitions’

- NO intentions during the rosary concerning ‘apparitions’ or ‘messages’

- NO ‘seers’ in or around the church on anniversaries of ‘apparitions’ or ‘messages

By now you should have figured it out.



Anonymous said...

sorry for the off topic post.

I'm trying to arouse some opposition to this pair of domestic terrorists appearance at the Wisconsin Book Festival.

Info has been compiled at http://holgerawakens.blogspot.com/2009/09/action-alert-help-stop-bill-ayers-and.html

Would you please consider giving this matter some attention? I want to attend and try to ask some questions and could use some company.

Thank you.

Dubya Bee

Display Name said...

Figured it out? Some apparitions are more equal than others?

GOR said...

No John, some apparitions are approved by the Church, many are not.

Cfr. Necedah, among many others - including Medjugorje..

bg said...

...By now you should have figured it out....

Sure have! The bishop is preparing the way for the Holy See to grant Medjugorje International Shrine status. There are just a few loose ends to tie up which the bishop should have attended to before now during the 28 years of claimed apparitions. Now he is playing catch-up and having to dot the i’s and cross t’s so that all liturgical practises conform with canon law. The expected announcement from the Vatican, hinted at by Cardinal Puljic? Shrine status.