Friday, May 15, 2009

How the JS Got Flim-Flammed on Bishpnenol-A

Ever wonder how the Milwaukee JS got into "Bispenol-A"?

Think of "The Music Man." They get sold a bill of goods by an outfit called Fenton Communications.

Fenton Communications pitches for trial lawyers, collectively the largest contributors to the Democrat Party, as well as for the hard line environmental group Greenpeace; Venezuela's socialist leader Hugo Chavez; anti-war demonstrator Cindy Sheehan; and gay and abortion advocates. [Fenton is ] a powerhouse propaganda machine that helped smear a four-star general, promotes endless environmental scares and brags it can place its left wing themes in the nation's leading newspapers

It was Fenton which came up with the "General Betray-Us" ad...which tells you a bit about the scummy "ethics" this outfit has. No co-incidence that it's tightly connected to the Trial Lawyers, eh?

Back to bisphenol-A.

Perhaps no other case better illustrates the network -- Fenton, the news media and liberal pressure groups -- better than a chemical called bisphenol A, or BPA. The substance is used in the production of bottles -- especially baby bottles -- and food cans. The Food and Drug Administration, based on two-industry studies that followed recognized scientific guidelines, ruled BPA as safe.

Enter the Fenton connection.

In 2007, a group called the Environmental Working Group sponsored a study that said BPA is hazardous to your health. Fenton Communications describes the working group as partner and client. David Fenton sits on its board of directors. There had been previous anti-BPA studies, but this one -- with Fenton's backing -- got the ball rolling.

What's the problem with BPA? Nothing. Not a damn thing.

"It's garbage," Steven Milloy, editor of, says of the various studies on BPA which subject mice to large doses.

Of Wal-Mart and other companies bowing to Fenton and the trial lawyers, Milloy tells HUMAN EVENTS, "The whole thing just makes you want to throw up."

He said one ballyhooed study comes from a scientist who will not share his data. "That's about as unscientific as you get. So you have this secret science used to railroad this product. If you look at the government reports on this, they can't find any health effects ... There's not a single federal report out there that can find a single thing wrong with BPA.

And there's nothing wrong with the Trial Lawyers' pocketbooks, either.

By 2008, the reporters were in a BPA frenzy. With the news media onboard and a grass roots effort under way to find BPA victims, a perfect storm arose for rich and powerful trial lawyers. They began filing billion-dollar lawsuits across the country against baby bottle makers and retailers who sold them

Basically, it's a "YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!!" racketeering deal.

"Fenton Communications has ... been a key player in numerous scares, including those involving biotech foods, 'toxic' chemicals in breast milk, toys and medical equipment made with PVC plastic, chemicals in the environment alleged to mimic hormones .... Milloy wrote in a 2007 column. "None of these scares have a scientific leg to stand on and all have been debunked over the course of time."

Milloy said the Environmental Working Group-sponsored study is no different than previous studies. He explained the way they did it this way:"I would say that EWG's testing revealed that BPA in food containers/food products was not at dangerous levels (i.e., not above 50 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight) -- so EWG fabricated a new 'toxic dose' (2 micrograms per kilogram of bodyweight) so that EWG could then pretend that BPA was present at 'toxic' levels. EWG's pretend toxic dose of 2 is not supported by real-life experiences or scientific data. Moreover, the EPA safe dose of 50 has a substantial margin of safety built into it. This method of making up a "toxic" dose is an old trick of groups like EWG.

But JS "reporters" don't know that. Nor will you find them taking biochem courses to find the realities.

They just get flim-flammed by the modern-day version of Prof. Harold Hill--and they don't even get kissed.


Billiam said...

Kind of reminds you of other scares that were lies. Alar, DDT, Man Caused Global Warming, that sort of thing.

Unknown said...

And more in Sunday's paper. Interesting stuff Dad. I've not been able to get a handle on the credibility of the BPA reporting. You apparently have. Great.