Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still Waiting for Flagrant Journalism

You will notice something missing from this sentence in a JS news item.

Richard Wiles, executive director of the activist Environmental Working Group, said he was surprised by the content of the memo.

What's missing?

The fact that the "Environmental Working Group" is closely connected to the trial lawyers.

No doubt that EWG is an 'activist' bunch:

In 2007, a group called the Environmental Working Group sponsored a study that said BPA is hazardous to your health. Fenton Communications describes the working group as partner and client. David Fenton sits on its board of directors.

Fenton Communications assisted with the "General Betray-us" ad, and is closely connected with the Trial Lawyers, as well as a lot of other interesting people:

Fenton Communications pitches for trial lawyers, collectively the largest contributors to the Democrat Party, as well as for the hard line environmental group Greenpeace; Venezuela's socialist leader Hugo Chavez; anti-war demonstrator Cindy Sheehan; and gay and abortion advocates.

It's clear from the JS article that a "communications" company is actively pushing the "BPA is DEATH!!!!!!" line.

Always useful to know just where that "communications" firm is coming from.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Funny how an industry-sponsored study is tainted, but one by EWG or another segment of "Big Environmental" is not.