Friday, May 29, 2009

Think Heller Was Final? Think Again

It's no surprise that US citizens are purchasing guns at the rate of 1 million/month lately...

Gun-grabbers for some time have worked assiduously to induce the United States to sign a treaty that would curtail drastically Americans’ gun rights. So far, the United States has avoided taking such a drastic, unconstitutional step. But the Obama Administration could well bring a reversal of policy. Obama may want to do an end run around American gun owners by signing such an international agreement and subverting citizen rights in that way. The administration propaganda nonsense that the Mexican drug wars are fueled with American firearms could be a prelude to such a program

If Obama manages to find a treaty which effectively invalidates the 2A, he may well sign it. Then it's up to the Senate to ratify the treaty; when that happens, the treaty, not the 2A, is 'the law of the land.'


Random10 said...

The Sotomayor nomination is Obama’s opening move to dispose of American's Second Amendment rights. Sotomayor is on record saying that State and Local government can ban all gun ownership rights regardless of the Federal Protections. She is so anti-gun and has so extensive a paper trail there is a chance enough Democrats may find their reelection courage and stop her.

J. Strupp said...

Yeah you can file that last comment under, "s__t that ain't gonna happen".

One Court appointment is not going to lead to an eventual ban on, "all gun ownership rights regardless of the Federal Protections."

Not to mention that on Obama's list of, "crap hitting the fan right now", I don't think "dispose of American's Second Amendment rights", makes the top 100.

This kind of bologna is great business for the gun dealers though since every Tom, Dick and Harry seems to be stocking up on guns before Uncle Sam supposedly tears up the 2nd amendment.

Dad29 said...

Sotomayor is NOT the problem.

The post mentioned that TREATIES could be a problem.

Sotomayor is not a friend of RKBA, but so far she's correct: Heller did not incorporate the 2A.