Friday, May 29, 2009

PRC to Stop Obamunism?

In what could only be called 'Monster Irony,' it's entirely possible that the People's Republic of China (the ChiComs) will slapdoodle Geithner hard next week.

VERY hard.

Which is intended cause Obamunism to slow dramatically, if not stop in its tracks. Imagine that...the world's largest (titularly) Commie economy acting to prevent Socio-Fascism!

...investors from Beijing to Zurich are challenging a president’s attempts to revive the economy with record deficit spending. Fifteen years after forcing Bill Clinton to abandon his own stimulus plans, the so-called bond vigilantes are punishing Barack Obama for quadrupling the budget shortfall to $1.85 trillion.

...“The vigilante group is different this time around,” said Mark MacQueen, a partner and money manager at Austin, Texas- based Sage Advisory Services Ltd., which oversees $7.5 billion. “It’s major foreign creditors. This whole idea that we need to spend our way out of our problems is being questioned.”

...Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said in March that China was “worried” about its $767.9 billion investment and was looking for government assurances that the value of its holdings would be protected.

Read the following carefully:

The nation bought $5.6 billion in bills and sold $964 million in U.S. notes and bonds in February, according to Treasury data released April 15. It was the first time since November that China purchased more securities due in a year or less than longer-maturity debt.

PRC is not happy with the 10-year prospects for the USDollar, so it's dumping them.

But they're hardly as blunt as this guy:

...10-year yields have nowhere to go but up, according to Richard Hoey, the New York-based chief economist at Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

“The secular bull market in Treasury bonds is over,” Hoey said in a Bloomberg Television interview. “It ran a good 28 years.
They’re never going lower. That’s it. It’s over.”

To quote the Winning McCain:



J. Strupp said...

The Chinese will not "dump" the 10-year unless they want to take massive losses. This won't happen (unless you believe that the Chinese have no problems with intentionally devaluing their major investment and letting the Yuan take off against the dollar in the process). I don't.

They are stuck in the game just like we are.

Dad29 said...

Better-phrased would be this: PRC is severely reducing their buys of 10-year bonds. They're buying T-Bills, instead.