Friday, May 22, 2009

Doyle's Incompetent Bozo "Government"

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Three-Card-Monte Doyle has mis-managed, tricked, twisted, and pissed away Wisconsin's finances for 6 years, resulting in a net-negative $6.6 BILLION problem. Granted, he was not alone in his chicanery and fraud--the (R) and (D) legislators were perfectly happy to assist him.

Doyle's "remedy" includes raising taxes, (of course.) He's also cutting spending (overdue by only about 20 years--thanks, Tommy "Stick-It-To-'Em" Thompson, you self-aggrandizing twit), and promising "enhanced" tax-collections.

Goody goody gumdrop.

In the meantime:

Shalanda Lock went by the name "Pleasure." Police and prosecutors say she danced in strip clubs and sold sex across the Midwest.

They say she was the madam, lining up hookers and prostituting herself, while pumping the proceeds into a criminal empire led by her husband, Michael Lock, the featured subject in this week's Journal Sentinel series, "The Preacher's Mob."

State regulators who licensed Shalanda Lock's Nuk Nuk's Childcare Development Center at 3800 W. Vliet St. learned of nearly a dozen pending prostitution charges against Lock in 2007, just months after they first licensed her.

But Lock was allowed to continue running the center and collected nearly $380,000 in taxpayer money from Wisconsin Shares, the state program that subsidizes child care for low-income working families.

She stayed in business even as regulators learned she had abused or neglected her children.
The state cut off Lock's public funding this week after questioning by the Journal Sentinel.

No, she was not the Lone Ranger.

Nicole Brown, owner of Jasmine's Learning House near N. 35th and W. Congress streets, admitted using her day care center to falsify employment records as part of Lock's scheme to defraud mortgage lenders. Records and interviews show she may also be scamming the Wisconsin Shares program.

At the time of the federal indictment in 2007, Brown and other participants in the scheme had spurred lenders to advance more than $2 million in loans based on fraudulent representations.
Brown pleaded guilty and was convicted in 2008. She is awaiting sentencing.

But that hasn't interfered with her day care operation. Brown took in more than $1.1 million in taxpayer money from 2006 to '08 and is on pace to make at least $400,000 in 2009 if her billing continues as it has in recent weeks.

State regulators initially revoked her day care license, saying "her actions and criminal activity are directly and substantially related to the care of children and activities of a center."
The charges raise concerns about her ability to conduct business in an "ethical and honest manner and constitute proper grounds for revocation of her license to operate Jasmine's Learning House," regulators wrote in a December 2007 letter.

Yet in July 2008 they reversed the decision and allowed her to reopen with a few conditions. The main one forbids her from allowing any of the people involved in the scheme from being on the day care premises.

Yup. And as you recall, Doyle's sterling crew had OTHER similar problems in Kenosha

A Kenosha County child-care provider whose fraudulent activity was detailed in a Journal Sentinel series this year is back in business - billing the state for more than $1,400 in recent weeks.

Angela Hale never officially shut down her day care operation but stopped billing after the newspaper detailed how she charged the state when she wasn't actually taking care of children.

Perhaps the JS folks could add up all the numbers in the day-care fraud stories they've printed; it might help Doyle's Incompetent-Boob Brigade to cut spending.

Or maybe not.


Commonsense said...

Amen! i could not agree with you more.

Commonsense said...

Amen! i could not agree with you more.