Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coulter on Notre Shame

She makes a good point.

...According to liberals, the right to kill babies was enshrined by the Founding Fathers in our Constitution -- and other constitutional rights are celebrated in public.

...So instead of inviting a constitutional lawyer to yammer on about this purported constitutional right, why not show it being practiced?

How about a 21-vacuum hose (D&C) salute? Maybe have the Notre Dame marching band form a giant skull-piercing fork? How about having the president throw out the ceremonial first fetus, like on opening day in baseball?

...With Roe v. Wade, abortion supporters ripped the issue out of the democratic process -- limb from limb, you might say -- and declared their desired outcome a "constitutional right." They have hysterically defended that lawless decision for the last quarter-century.

All of Obama's soothing words about joining hands and not demonizing one another are just blather as long as that legal monstrosity remains the law of the land.

Showing his open-mindedness, Obama asked, "How does each of us remain firm in our principles ... without demonizing those with just as strongly held convictions on the other side?" (What do I have to do to get you murderers and you non-murderers to shake hands and be friends?)

A good start would be letting us vote.

Actually, she's too kind--both to Obama AND to Notre Dame's Jenkins.

Go to the link. There's lots more there!

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Anonymous said...

By all means, putting it to a vote is a great idea. Just like in conservative North Dakota, the anti-abortion loonies will put up a ballot measure which denies access to abortion to women who have been raped. And just like in North Dakota, it will go down in flames. Face it -- what you advocate is a distinctly minority opinion.

Kevin Whiteman said...

Thanks for the link!

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Leftys love to put up the "Rape and Incest" argument. But it's just a red herring. The fact is that abortion is used, nearly always as a form of birth control. But they'll keep putting lipstick on that pig by calling it "family planning" or some other such nonsense. The sheeple will continue to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Deekaman, and you nut jobs tell us that the rape or incest victim can just live with it. Picture the scenario. Daddy's in jail for having sex wih his daughter (or stepdaughter) and Mommy has to drive the baby up to Waupun to visit. Can't we all just get along? This is good, old-fashioned family values?

Same with emergency contraception. The rape victim arrives at the hospital only to be told that the baby is part of "God's plan" for her life?

This is the face of the extreme end of the so-called pro-life movement. Yes, there is an extreme end in the pro-choice movement as well, and the people at either end of the spectrum make no sense at all.

Dad29 said...

1) "Rape/Incest" constitutes less than 5% of the abortion holocaust. And that's conceding the claims of rape/incest despite the fact that there are few police reports to substantiate the claims.

2) You justify murder in a cavalier fashion, don't you?

Adoption IS a possibility.

Anonymous said...

"there are few police reports to substantiate the claims"

Yes, DaddyZero, and almost all of them "asked for it," didn't they?

This is the face of Republican "family values" -- the fertilized egg is the same as human being walking around on the street. Fetus uber alles -- let the rape victim raise the child and take it to visit the sperm depositor in prison. After all -- it takes two parents to raise a child. Maybe they should have to get married, too?

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I see why you post as anon. don't argue the facts, change the subject. Good. That makes you look even more ill-informed than your comments. So, the kool-aid is blue this time?

And throw in a little Lefty hate, hey, you got nothin'. Thanks for all of it. Here's lovely parting gifts, now go away, troll. At least until you can show a modicum of intellectual honesty.

Anonymous said...

Lovely logic, Deekaman (and who are you, by the way?)! So rape rarely occurs, and when it does occur -- tough luck! Deal with it. It's a loving God's plan for your life.

Thank God I'm not your daughter!

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I'm glad you aren't, too. And my daughter and the 4 children she chose to not abort are fine as well.

Continue to put words in our mouths, to show how illogical you are, please. Your statements fail to follow any kind of rationality. No one and I mean NO one said anything about requiring a woman who was raped or a victim of incest to bring a child to full term. Some may believe that, but it is unstated anywhere in here.

And we are all nut jobs and "clueless". OK, that's a rational, logical argument.

I'm glad you are anonymous. Stay that way.

And you appear to know nothing of God or His plan, so don't bother with that tripe.

Keep your (lack of) morals to yourself and don't force them on the rest of us.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Oh...and I have a blog as well. You can certainly access it and contact me directly if you want to know who I am. It's quite easy.

As opposed to your anonymity.

But you are too cowardly, just like all the Leftys.