Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rich Lefty Has Fix for Illegals' College Tuition

This happens once every 6 months or so....

A Lefty has the right idea! Of course, he/she/it had to go through several insults before arriving there, but I'll quote him from the combox:

Why aren't we asking the K-12 public schools to filter out the illegals?

I told him to write to Three-Card-Monte Doyle.


Anonymous said...

You, sir, originated the insults by playing the "dumbass" card.

Odd that for all the bluster over admitting these kids to college you folks have never attempted to nip the problem in the bud -- by putting the onus of determining citizenship on K-12 education.

If the problem was addressed at the front end, local school districts would save property tax money, the state would save the per capita state aid payments, and the family would be gone years earlier.

Of course, this wouldn't permit you to continue to beat up on the Governor, which is always priority #1, isn't it?

Dan said...

While it is a sure thing that illegals are in most school districts, it is against the law to ask if they are illegal or not. We have to supply them with all available services that a school district has to offer, whether they are illegal or not.

Dad29 said...

Doyle has managed the State's finances to near-bankruptcy with his uncompromising doctrinaire Leftism. He deserves all the scorn he gets--and more.

You will note that I have been derisive of T Thompson, the "Stick-It-To-'Em" fiscal fraud, as well.

It's clear that you will persist in ignoring the principles here--that is, that making ILLEGALS eligible for State resident benefits is simply wrong.

Happy to note that you had a good idea.

Sorry to note that you will not, ever, discuss the principle.