Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Hampshire's Problems With Gay "Marriage"

As reported by AOSHQ:

...the short version is that the New Hampshire legislature passed a marriage law last week which would allow gay marriages, but the Governor vetoed it because it did not contain strong enough religious conscience exceptions. He sent the law back with a suggested exception broader than the one they already had.

It was widely expected to pass and be signed into law by the end of the week. However,
the New Hampshire House just rejected the new version of the law. This version was blocked by mostly party-line vote 188-186.

Seems that the Gay Activists will NOT accept 'religious conscience exceptions.'

Not too smart of them, was it?


Anonymous said...

In 10 years, domestic partnerships/gay marriage will be the law in the majority of states. The opponents are dying off and the kids don't care or support the concept.

I say this as a straight, happily married man with three straight children and son/daughters-in-law.

Dad29 said...

"Domestic partnerships" are one thing; gay "marriage" is another.

The latter is impossible.

I say this as someone who actually understands nature and her laws.

Anonymous said...

Call it what you want. Most of "God's laws" come from common sense. Since homosexuals cannot reproduce, male-female relationships were favored. In modern times, however, the inability to procreate is no longer a barrier to parenthood by opposite-sex couples -- adoption and IVF provide alternative paths to parenthood.

Again, I am a very happily-married heterosexual male with three heterosexual children, but I can see the societal handwriting on the wall.

I often wonder whether people who fixate so much on homosexual sex have their own issues. Some may put on an air of abhorence to mask their own latent desires. This activity isn't something that I spend any time thinking about, while quite a few of you who thump the Bible seem a little too interested.

Dad29 said...

Gee: a "straight" who mouths the Queer Line ('have issues...with sexuality.)

Just to help you with the timeline: common sense is derived from God's law--not the other way around.

And technology does not make men into women, any more than technology makes people into "parents."

Amy said...

Not a surprise. I - and anyone else with rudimentary observation skills - knew that 'religious conscience exceptions' would never be accepted by the gay activist movement.

It's perfectly smart of them, however, because how else will they force religions to accept their "marriages" if not through government bullying and intimidation?

The First Amendment means nothing to these people.

Which is why this ignorant comment:

This activity isn't something that I spend any time thinking about, while quite a few of you who thump the Bible seem a little too interested.can be explained by the above. Those of us who "thump the Bible" (literal translation: have a faith not swayed by popular culture) do not have "latent desires"...merely a wish to preserve our right to free speech and religious expression.

Which clearly goes against the PC agenda.