Friday, May 22, 2009

Illegal, Shmillegal: Tuition Breaks for ALL!!

Besides saddling State taxpayers with gay-bennies for State employees, we will also be footing the tuition for illegals.

The provision allows for in-state tuition rates for people who graduated from a Wisconsin high school or received a GED from this state, have been in the state for three years after their first day of attending a Wisconsin school or prior to their receipt of the GED, and has filed to be a permanent resident.

...which happens to include illegal aliens.

Of course, Pedro "Shove It Up Your Colon" has a stupid remark:

Rep. Colon said that the policy, which has been killed in previous budgets, always "incites a lot of imagination." But he said critics have their "heads in the sand" need to realize that immigrants are in Wisconsin, and their children need to be educated.

...and that education will be at your expense, you damnfool taxpayers.

Did I mention that the State has a $6.6 BILLION hole in its budget?

RELATED: Last month, Wisconsin was one of 25 states with record initial claims for unemployment insurance resulting from mass layoffs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

Wisconsin had 108 incidents of layoffs involving 50 or more workers at a single work place last month, according to the report. That's more than double the number in April 2008. Those actions resulted in more than 11,000 workers filing new applications for unemployment insurance benefits, up from fewer than 4,400 in April 2008.

That will sure help with income-tax revenues, no?


Left Coast Rebel said...

Do not let these things happen in your state, CA where I reside is suffering from decades of this type of behaviour, what do we have?

1 - highest unemployment
2 - highest taxes
3 - highest emigration rate of business

Anonymous said...

Why do we let the kids go to public schools K-12? You lose the argument when you don't stop the illegals at that stage. Under Wisconsin law, a person who moves to Wisconsin to go to college is always a non-resident, but a person who moved to Wisconsin more than a year prior to attending college gets in-state tuition.

The horse is years out of the barn when the kid graduates from high school. What do you want them to do upon high school graduation?

These are the most blameless amongst the illegals -- it was the parents who dragged them here.

What's your alternative? You folks whine and whine but you don't have an answer.

Besides, I have three kids who graduated from UW-Madison. At no time in the application did the parents ever have to prove that the kids were citizens.

Dad29 said...

Obviously, your children have the brains. You didn't have to prove their citizen status, dumbass, because YOU were a citizen.

The solution is to politely but firmly require all the illegals to go back to wherever they came from.

Yes, it's do-able. Eisenhower did it.

Anonymous said...

DaddyZero -- you're the dumbass! No one has ever asked me to prove my citizenship either! When was the last time you were required to prove your citizenship, other than when returning to the USA from the outside?

Are you implying that these kids will get admitted to the Madison campus just because they're Mexicans, without having to prove their academic competence like every other applicant?

Other than throwing off an ill-fitting insult, you apparently have no logical response? Try again -- most of the time you're a bit sharper than this. Not your best effort.

Again, under the proposal, these kids have graduated from Wisconsin high schools. They didn't show up on August 1 to start at UW on September 1. What's the rationale for telling them they can't continue their educations after spending as much as 12 years in Wisconsin public schools?

Dad29 said...

So you NEVER filled out a FAFSA form?

Or did you delegate that to someone?

Better read those quesstions again, Anony. It doesn't require a CC of your birth-certificate, but it does, indirectly, ask about YOUR citizenship.

And before you get racist in your dudgeon, Anony, let's go to the first principles: They Are Not CITIZENS!

Perhaps I'll send a few dozen folks to your home for dinner tomorrow night. They aren't your family; but hey, they're nice folks.

Feed them for 4 years or so, because I SAY you should.

Get back to me after that.

Humanae Vitae said...

It is not fair to legal immigrants and people who spent many years trying to follow the rules like my husband did. Do you know that a person who comes here legally has to pass a 3 week background check, get fingerprinted at a police station, have pictures on file, pass an AIDS and tuberculosis test and after obtaing a Legal Alien card (green card) sign up with selective service? This is why legal immigrants are so upset. You have two different standards here.

You know that these kids will get in to the UW system before my kids because they meet the "diversity" quota. My kids are just the progeny of a legal immigrant, now a citizen.

Anonymous said...

DaddyZero -- No, we never filled out a FAFSA. As I understand it, student aid is income-based, and at our household income it would have been a complete waste of time. I wrote the checks every semester for 24 semesters of undergraduate education, plus room and board, all out of pocket -- no one took out a loan for anything.

You don't address the basic point -- these kids have spent up to TWELVE YEARS in Wisconsin public schools and NOW we pull the plug? After a school district has invested tens of thousands of locally-generated property tax dollars in educating each student?

Why aren't we asking the K-12 public schools to filter out the illegals? It would make much more sense to deport them at the front end rather than tell the kid at the back end that he or she is done.

Dad29 said...

I'm happy to know that you are wealthy.

You're wrong on the "basic point." The "basic point" is the one YOU will not address: they are ILLEGALS.

I agree with you regarding earlier filtering. Write your legislator. For that matter, write Three-Card-Monte Doyle. I'm sure you'll get a satisfactory answer.