Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Doyle's "Rule of Law": Screw You!

Reminder: James E. Doyle is an attorney. Karl VonRoy writes about this sterling Member of the Bar.

During the 1990's, Wisconsin enacted legislation to encourage recycling and waste reduction, including prohibiting certain items from being placed in landfills and establishing financial assistance payments to local governments to operate local recycling programs. To fund these programs, businesses and municipalities pay a variety of surcharges and tipping fees on every ton of solid waste disposed of in landfills throughout the state. Essentially, tipping fees are taxes paid on garbage.

...In the 2007-09 budget, the tipping fees were increased from $3.80 to $5.90 per ton, a 55% increase. In the 2009-11 budget that is currently being debated, Governor Doyle proposes to increase [and JFC passed 5/23] the tipping fees yet again from $5.90 to $10.30 per ton, a 75% increase.

OK? Well, not really.

...between 1991 and 2008, $107.5 million was transferred from the recycling fund to the state's general fund to pay for programs completely unrelated to recycling, even though it is supposed to be a protected segregated account

...Doyle's budget proposes to take $27 million collected from the environmental management tipping fee to pay the costs of debt service on outstanding government bonds.

In other words, folks, he's stealing the money--just like he did to the doctors by "re-allocating" the patients' compensation funds, and just like his theft of over $400 million from the highway trust fund.

So tell us again about how "we should obey the laws," Jimbo!


Dan said...

But, won't that hurt the enviroment? Womn't his raiding of the fund cause global warming?
I guess that fund is not about the enviroment but of money grubbing.

Billiam said...

We should obey because there are 2 sets of rules. One for those in charge, and one for us vassals. The divide between the governed and the governers grows yet again.

Anonymous said...

He also said in 2003, "I will not raise taxes" but what can we expect of Slippery Jim? I am sick of his scorched-earth approach to WI's economy. We now have the fourth-highest deficit in the nation, 6.67 billion and climbing. We cannot let him continue taking us on this road to destruction. We have to get rid of him NOW. Go to and join us. Elections are for hiring, recalls are for FIRING.