Friday, May 29, 2009

Mark Pocan (D-Government) Is a Lying Sack

He probably said this with a straight face:

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison), a committee co-chairman, said Democrats were proud to craft a budget that didn't increase the sales tax or raise income taxes for 99% of Wisconsinites


Evidently "99% of Wisconsinites" do not:

1) Have a telephone, whether land-line or cell, now subject to new and increased taxes;

2) Purchase gasoline, which will be subject to a new tax (IF you can find some...);

3) Go to a hospital, which will be paying increased taxes;

4) Live in a Wisconsin municipality or school district--ALL of which will likely increase taxes;

5) Put garbage out for collection; or

6) Smoke cigarettes.

Like I said, he's a lying sack. What the sack is full of is up to your imagination.


Anonymous said...

"...didn't increase the sales tax or raise income taxes for 99% of Wisconsinites."

Congratulations in renewing your DENSA membership, DaddyZero! Please identify which of the taxes and fees you itemized fall into the sales tax or income tax category.

Try again -- Sometimes you pound the keyboard before engaging the brain. This is one of those times.

Dad29 said...

I'll let the post stand as is.

Only Pocan and sycophant dipshits like you play word-games THAT big.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Pocan's comments via Wisconsin Eye. He acknowledged that a number of taxes and fees were going up but then pointed out that there was no sales tax increase, no extension of the sales tax to currently-exempt goods and services, and no income tax rate increase for people making less than $300K per year.

Apparently you like to pull out the "dumbass" and "dipshit" references when you get caught with your pants down.

Personally, I think that the moniker DENSA hits you squarely between the eyeballs.