Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lefties Continue Social Engineering in "Budget"

Oh, yes, things can get worse.

Sen. Robson and Rep. Sherman offered a motion to fine pharmacies $2,500 for not having someone on duty to offer contraceptive drugs or devices to customers. (Passed, 12-4.)

That's certainly going to reduce the cost of healthcare!

The committee spent the last 20 minutes discussing a motion by GOP members to make welfare fraud a felony offense. It failed 10-6, with Dems Rep. Mason and Sen. Lehman voting with the four Republicans.

Sure wouldn't want to jail people who are stealing from the taxpayers. (Besides, if "theft from taxpayers" became a felony, it would have repercussions in the Governor's Mansion.)

Not only should pharmacies have two RP's on duty (one for babykilling, one for actual life-supporting stuff...) but they'll get slammed by the State's rebate system:

Gov. Doyle proposed to reduce funding by nearly $4 million annually to reflect savings from eliminating the 5 percent premium for pharmacies who dispense prescriptions under SeniorCare. Rep. Vos attempted a motion to delete the governor's proposal, but it was defeated on a party-line vote. The governor's proposal then passed 12-4


Among other things, Sen. Miller's motion would raise tipping fees from $5.09 per ton to $13 per ton and reinstate the Clean Sweep program at fund it at 75 percent of the current level The LFB says the tipping fee increase will raise costs to municipalities by $63 million (Passed 12-4.)

This is the "dump on municipalities" motion.

Surprising note on "prevailing wage" deal which passsed:

...committee members negotiated the deal, but that groups like the Wisconsin REALTORS Assocation and operating engineers are supporting it. He asked those in the audience who support it to raise their hands.

What the Hell are the Realtors doing?

Continue reading this sad saga at Eggster's place.


Anonymous said...

Let's reflect on why the contraceptive access motion was likely offered and adopted.

Turn back in time a couple years to the Sunday when a woman in Menomonie walked into her local pharmacy to get her birth control prescription filled. Unfortunately for her (and the pharmacy), the pharmacist on duty was none other than "Nutty Neil" Noesen. When handed the prescription, the first question out of "Nutty Neil's" mouth was -- "why are you taking this drug?"

When she replied that the birth control pills were to be used for birth control purposes, "Nutty Neil" refusted to fill the prescription. Furthermore, he refused to give her back the piece of paper which contained her physician's order. He refused again when a police officer was summoned to the pharmacy. As a result, the patient was delayed at least until the next day in getting her prescription filled.

And so the motion was made to protect future patients from having to deal with fruitcakes like "Nutty Neil," who went on to ply his trades and get arrested at a pharmacy in Minnesota for similar acts of idiocy.

DaddyZero, this is what happens when you let the right-to-life nuts carry their extreme positions to extremes. Even contraception is the work of the devil!!

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

No extremism on the Left, though. Anon, as always posting as the coward.

Grow a pair and see the ludicrous nature of your own comments. You grab the exception and make it the rule. When your absurdity is pointed out, you change the subject.

No scruples, you. I'm surprised Dad puts up with your foolishness.

Anonymous said...

The left isn't immune from idiocy, dear Deekaman; indeed, much of it is castigated here.

But you folks approach life from the perspective that all lefties are idiots and all of your ilk are perfection on earth. It isn't so, as "Nutty Neil" illustrates.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Completely untrue, butthat's what the Leftys have been led to believe. Oh, and of course, we want to institute theocracy of Christianity vs. theocracy of Atheism or Gaia worship. we're stupid from your viewpoint.

Morals are immaterial to you because everything is relative. Our arguments fall on deaf ears because you have no beliefs other than there are no beliefs.

Sad life.

Dad29 said...

The "solution" proposed by the Leggies does not flow from the problem.

I never defended Neil for his SECOND action: taking the scrip from the woman. NO Conservative ever did.

But the Leggies have just forced a lot of pharmacies to hire TWO RPH's instead of one.

That's a fine way to reduce the cost of health care.

Anonymous said...

The solution DOES flow from the problem -- any pharmacy which employs an idiot like "Nutty Neil" will need to have someone else on duty to step in to do what pharmacists do whenever the idiot on duty has a "conscience attack." Pretty simple. "Nutty Neil" should have gone into another line of work.

Amy said...

So anyone who opposes a lefty's worldview needs "another line of work"?