Saturday, May 30, 2009

England About to Go Conservative?

PowerLine notes the upcoming Brit elections--positively!

But I've wondered whether there is any real conservative movement left in the U.K. The Tories' leader, David Cameron, is no conservative by American standards, and certainly no Margaret Thatcher. So I was heartened by this assessment of the new Tory candidates who likely will form the majority in the next Parliament...

Mr Cameron has told close colleagues that he believes he is on course to win 140 new Tory MPs after the next election, The Times has been told. While such a net gain would give Mr Cameron an overall majority of about 15, it could place him to the left of most of his parliamentary party

...[T]hose most likely to be new Tory MPs are, in general, less concerned about climate change than terrorism, oppose green taxes and are hostile to gay adoptions. A majority oppose the party's official policy of raising green taxes to reduce the taxation burden on families, according to a survey of 148 Tory candidates


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