Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Unstated Premise of Obama's "Less Abortion"

At the infamous event in Indiana, Obama emitted circumlocution and blather. But one phrase which will be recalled is something along the lines of 'let us work together to reduce the need for abortions.'

Sounds good.

Arkes gives us "on the other hand:"

...In the case of Obama, as with Clinton and Gore before him, the unspoken premises are again the most astounding – and even more astounding yet in being unnoticed. The techniques of contraception may work well or badly, as people seek, artfully or clumsily, to avoid “unintended pregnancies.” But it is simply taken for granted, as a point well beyond questioning now, that there is a “right,” even a “constitutional right” to destroy an innocent human life for reasons wholly of self-interest, indeed for reasons that need not rise above convenience. ...

Indeed. Obama's operating premise is that murder of innocents is OK, but less murder of innocents would be "OK-er."

And he's wrong.

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