Friday, May 29, 2009

Porky Pigs, (D-Gummint), Wisconsin Budget

Jackasses. Some of this may be necessary and worthwhile. But NOT all of it.

These are the budget earmarks pushed though during the Midnight Special (and ONLY the Midnight Special), courtesy of Rich Zipperer.

The ones highlighted red look as though they could have been put off for a year or so.

Dane County Yahara River

Aids Network & Resource Center of Wisconsin

Manitowoc Road in Village of Bellevue

Bradley Center

Madison Children's Museum

Huron Road in Village of Bellevue

La Crosse Eco Park

Planning New State Historical Society Museum

Oshkosh Opera House

Aldo Leopold Climate Change Classroom

Village of Bagley Flood Study

Bike Path Facility Grants

County Trunk Highway X, Chippewa County

City of Racine Road Enhancements

Reid Road in Town of La Prairie

Pedestrian Path in Rock County

Love Incorporated Food Bank

Union Grove Food Bank

Rio Area Food Pantry

Lodi Food Pantry

Eau Claire County Public Shooting Range

Root River Education Center

Beloit Children's Playground

Beckman Mill Park in Rock County

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire

Stone Barn Historical Site in Town of Chase

Restoration of Beloit's Turtle Island Park

City of Stanley, Chippewa County

And, of course, the famous Wrightstown Garbage Cans--for $47,000.00

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Billiam said...

As far as brown cty goes, Manitowoc rd and Huron are those friggin' roundabouts. Morons!