Friday, May 29, 2009

Health Care Debate Heats Up

Paul Ryan and others have assembled a plan to counter GummintCare, and now the industry begins to take up the discussion.

Ron Williams, chairman and CEO of health-care giant Aetna, said that a government-run health care plan was not necessary to ensure universal health coverage, but that the government should establish a public-private partnership and build on the employer-based system to provide coverage for all Americans.

...“Generally, we much prefer public-private partnerships, focusing on how we get everyone covered in a non-partisan way,” he said.

“One model I would point to is really the Part-D drug program for seniors, which I think is a very good example of a public-private partnership where individual seniors who have the resources buy their own Part-D drug benefit and those who don’t receive some sort of assistance,” said Williams

Obama's fevered "do it NOW" cries are not going to be helpful.

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Billiam said...

That's likely due to the possibility that with more people realizing the 'hope & change' they're getting isn't what they thought it'd be, they may change the Congress' make up in the coming mid-Terms. So, while he has total control, he needs to hammer this stuff through.