Thursday, May 21, 2009

Actual Journalism on Doyle's Milwaukee Appearance

...but not reported in the JSOnline...

Doyle was in Milwaukee Monday to sign his smoking ban. He was met by an angry crowd, and slunk in the back of the restaurant where he signed the bill, then slunk back out the same way. And all the passersby cheered the protesters!


I'm with Wiggy on recalling Doyle--it's emotionally appealing, but intellectually.........not so much.

I'd rather keep him in office where he can be the target for rotten tomatoes, pitchforks, hot tar, etc., when he "slinks into" public appearances by the back door.

That's an even BETTER emotional appeal.

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CRG Guy said...


Glad someone pointed this out as I did to the MJS reporter. Regarding your take on the recall from an intellectual angle. I maintain that the recall is our BEST strategic oprtion from an intellectual perspective as well.

Check out these objective reasons why a recall, rather than waiting for the general election, works in our favor and see if they can be intellectually refuted!


Chris Kliesmet