Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coulter's On Target Here

Ann gets it.

Liberals wouldn't attack James Dobson with the amount of bile they've directed at a 21-year-old beauty contestant.

It's not just Christianity -- it's women liberals hate. From Jean-Paul Sartre, Pablo Picasso and Bertrand Russell, who treated women -- mostly their mistresses -- like dogs, to Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton in our own day, liberals are ferocious misogynists.

They share Muslims' opinion of women, differing only to the extent that liberals also support a women's right to have an abortion and to perform lap dances

"Hate" is not quite the correct word. To the lefties, women are Kleenex, as are babies-in-utero. So it's not really "hate."

It's dehumanization.


Dan said...

Don't forget to mention minorities. The liberals also hate conservative minorities, including women, more than they hate conservative white males.

Zach W. said...

Hey dad, would you say conservatives hate women as well?

I'm just wondering.