Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why Buy the Guns Now?

Why buy the guns now?

Two words:

Eric Holder (the next US AG.)

Here's the short version, courtesy Ace.

We know that there is not one simple answer, and we know that there is nothing we can do that will prevent every single crime or act of violence. But we also know that there are some common-sense things that we can do and that we must do. And so I want to add my voice to those who are calling on Congress to finally -- to finally -- pass these very common-sense gun measures:

* First, to require child safety locks for all handguns that are sold.
* Second, to ban violent juveniles from ever having the ability to own guns.
* Third, to pass the president's handgun licensing proposal, which requires safety certification for all handgun purchasers.
* Fourth, to support research in smart gun technology which can limit a gun's use to its authorized owner

And finally, to close the gun show loophole by requiring a background check for all gun purchases at gun shows.

The provisions highlighted in red are....ahhhh......troublesome.

As to "banning violent juveniles from ever....", I suggest that Mr. Holder spent far too many weeks at Disney's "Fantasyland." But, hey, that's Liberal education protocol, right? I mean, what does actual real-life experience teach us that's worth remembering?

As to " gun technology," good luck with that. We note that he's very careful, specifying 'support....[of] research', which means that he'll be handing out grant-moneys to the usual suspects. Understand this: the objective is not necessarily to develop the technology. The objective is to put money into the Correct Hands.

(By the way, think for....oh....5 seconds, Mr. Holder. You purchase a handgun for home-defense purposes. You are the "authorized owner." You leave town to prosecute Dick Cheney for owning a company. Your home is invaded during your absence. ****Pause*** Your wife cannot use the handgun, so she is raped and murdered and your home is plundered. ***Pause*** Good thinking.)

Finally, we get to the politically possible (if un-Constitutional) "certification" provision. Obviously, the folks who wrote the 2A were idiots. They forgot to insert "safety-certified" in that phrase which began with "the right to keep and bear arms." This allows you (along with a compliant SCOTUS majority) to correct the egregious stupidity of the Founders; and I'm sure that the "certification" process will be very challenging.

In fact, it might be extremely challenging.

It might even be impossible to become "certified."

All for the children, of course.


Billiam said...

Dad, first and foremost reason for buying guns these days, is that, to many in Government, the Constitution no longer matters.

road warrior said...

All my friends are talking about his and planning on going to get their guns the day before Obama is official our president. I think it's funny. I am sure he will push for stricker gun control but if any liberal illuminati say that they will do away with personal use of guns there is just no way. the American people won't have it. I don't think it's possible in American to have a ban on guns.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

You can wait until the day before he is inaugurated, the only thing that'll be left is a sling shot.

Have fun with that.

I'll take mine the first of Dec. Christmas comes early for me this year.