Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cops and Risk-of-Duty: More Money is Fine!

For a bazillion years or so, police (and firefighter) unions have used the "we're in danger, so we need better benefits" line to secure damn good taxpayer-funded benefits and wages.

Wrong. They'll take the money, AND the money, thank you!

An Eau Claire police officer who was injured while attempting to arrest an underage drinker can sue the youth and his mother's insurance carrier for his injuries, the 3rd District Court of Appeals said in a decision released today.

...The appellate court, sitting in Wausau, disagreed. The court reversed Proctor when it found "there is no rule that categorically exempts police officers from bringing negligence claims when injured in the line of duty."

Well, there's a surprising reversal in public policy-t0-date...

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